The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs selected as a good practice the work of the Regional Government of the Canary Islands for the implementation of a participatory approach for the design of the Regional-specific SDG targets as the central element for the Canarian Agenda for Sustainable Development (ACDS).

As the 2030 Agenda states, sustainable development cannot be achieved by governments alone. It requires the active participation of all stakeholders, at all levels. Therefore, the aim of the participatory approach and consensus building initiative for the design of the Regional-specific SDG targets to contribute to the achievement of the global SDG, is to respond to the central principle of the Agenda 2030 “leave no one behind”, as well as the principles of inclusiveness and multi-stakeholder partnership for the SDG localization. The 13 collaborative working sessions sought to join forces and coordinate efforts to address the challenges and reflect together on current and potential future issues of common concern for the people and institutions of the Canary Islands regarding the progress towards the sustainable development.